Announces Qualification to M29504/4 and M29504/5 Fiber Optic Termini

Sept 17, 2007

Santa Ana California: J-Tech a division of The Conesys Company is announcing qualification to M29504/4 & 5 revision C specifications for Fiber Optic Termini. The termini is a Butt-Joint Technology and is designed to be used in the size 16 contact positions of the D38999 series I, III, and IV circular connectors. Revision C of the M29504/ 4 and 5 specification was released in 2003, and superseded the previous revision B released in 1991. The additional more demanding performance requirements of revision C include:

  1. Vibration at 49G’s at ambient and elevated temperature. (125 degrees C).
  2. MIL-S-901 Hammer Shock test which applies in excess of 10K G’s of mechanical force in all axis. The J-TECH product performed with less than 0.5 dB intermittent loss greatly exceeding the 50 microsecond’s specification for mechanical shock.
  3. One thousand hours of temperature life testing at 165 degrees C.
  4. Thermal cycling from -55 C to 165 C.
  5. Five hundred mating cycles (durability testing).
  6. Cable force pull out testing up to 22 lbs (J-Tech product exceeded 30 lbs).

Scott Miller, Product Manger for J-Tech stated that “To date, J-Tech is the first supplier to have met all of the qualification criteria for the next generation high performance optical products” Miller went on to say that “The J-Tech optical product will perform at a typical loss of only 0.25 dB when properly terminated using the industry standard 70/70 light launch conditions.” Miller also indicated “J-Tech has fiber optic cable design and assembly capability as well.”

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