The millennium is here, the economy has gone global, the connector industry is consolidating, and J-TECH is positioned to support the connector needs of industry through the 21st century.

Utilizing proven connector technology and twelve years of connector experience, J-TECH serves commercial, industrial, defense, entertainment, ground and air transportation markets. J-TECH's connectors are in products as divergent as Airbus, MD10 and 717 commercial airplanes, heavy cranes and earthmoving equipment, sound systems and stage lighting for concerts, mining, stealth submarines, nuclear aircraft carriers, jet fighters, tanks, and noise suppression equipment for pilots of helicopters.

Utilizing knowledge acquired from a decade of experience, J-TECH has expanded its customer base to include non-military industrial, commercial, transportation and entertainment markets. As J-TECH identifies emerging markets, it uses innovative practices, processes and technologies to design creative solutions to meet industry needs.

Niche product areas and application specific connectors have allowed J-TECH to continue to grow and prosper during the years of economic slowdown and reduced military spending. J-TECH's employees are proud of their ability to provide timely response to customer requests, fast turnaround on design and tooling, and on time delivery.

Since 1987, J-TECH has grown rapidly with numerous products. It has continued to expand its product offering to meet the rapidly changing demands of the defense industry and to develop connector designs for commercial markets.  Today, J-TECH provides quality solutions to industry problems, consistently meeting the uncompromising standards developed for military products - reliability, quality and excellence.

The technical evolution and performance improvements that have driven the connector industry are centered in Southern California. J-TECH, located in Torrance, California, is in the heart of the industry. Here J-TECH is able to benefit from partnerships with supporting businesses in the immediate vicinity. This proximity provides a savings of time and cost to J-TECH customers, allowing J-TECH to provide quality products at competitive costs.

J-TECH is dedicated to providing quality, service, and solutions through the use of innovative technology for process improvement, product development and cost control.

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