The proven performance capabilities of our Connector Products have allowed J-Tech to expand our product lines from Defense to Commercial and Airframe applications.

We provide Circular Connectors that meet MS3400, MS3450 and M83723 series III military specifications. Rectangular "rack and panel" connectors that meet M28748/09 and M28748/10 specifications. Commercial Industrial connectors that meet the German VG95234 specification, and connectors that comply with McDonnell Douglas BAN7025 Commercial Airplane requirements.

We also design and manufacture rear accessory cable support and strain relief hardware for all of the above connector types as well as application specific cable support systems for rugged placement. J-Tech is continually expanding internationally into markets which include Japan, England, Israel and France to name a few.

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Heavy Industry
U.S. Navy Shipboard
Transportation: Military Heavy Vehicle and Rail
Commercial Engine: Aircraft / Land Based / Marine
C130 Upgrade C 17
MD95 Fly by Light VLS
Smoke Generator CRALTS
Delta Rocket JDAM
Boeing 717 JASSM
MD80, 90 and 10 upgrades NSSN
Upgrade Connectors DDG51 NESP
Personal Rapid Transit AEGIS

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