J-Tech utilizes Auto-Cad™ computer technology for automated design engineering, new product development, and standard product configuration control.

J-Tech's research and development efforts are specific to the needs of the markets it serves. With sophisticated computer technology and J-Tech's practical management policies, it is able to design and produce effective, efficient products.

Design and Engineering

Optical and digital measuring equipment is used to ensure dimensional integrity and to monitor tool wear. Utilizing established technology, J-Tech's engineers oversee their evolution into new products and technologies, and create inspired solutions unique to J-Tech.

J-Tech takes advantage of application specific connector needs to develop new products and new markets. For example: High Temperature connectors for Jet Engines, Fiber Optic connectors for "Fly By Light" applications in Airframe environments, redesigned connectors for Land / Marine Engines and combination connectors to incorporate Power, Signal and Coax contacts in one unit. The Reverse Bayonet (VG) connector has been adapted for use in Heavy equipment, Light and Sound Equipment for the Entertainment Industry, and Down hole applications for Mining and Test Chamber placements.


Freezing Environmental Test

J-Tech's well-equipped environmental laboratory provides complete product performance testing, including Salt Fog, Humidity, Thermal Cycling (-55 to +250 C), Accelerated Temperature Life, Dielectric Withstanding Voltage, Insulation Resistance, Contact Resistance. At J-TECH verification of design is a critical element in product development.

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